What is the Claseco eco-store Ranking Service?

The Claseco eco-Store Ranking Service classifies local businesses with an eco mandate. Outlining the different eco-products that they have available, ranking their range and also detailing where the business are located to give them the support that they deserve.

What support do you offer?

We travel to all types of businesses in the UK and carry out an audit of their eco products.

  • We then add their logo’s to our Claseco leaflets which we distribute to 1000x homes in their local area;

  • We send signee’s Claseco Loyalty cards which they can use in these eco-based businesses;

  • Lastly, we promote the companies in our Claseco videos too!

How are businesses ranked?

Businesses are ranked by the quantity of their eco-products. Whether bags, straws, packaging or just cutlery. All will be accounted for in their Claseco rating.

How do we join the classification list?

Simply drop us an email at hello@claseco.com and we will make an appointment to visit your business.

– Claseco Card Activation code

Your Claseco Card Activation code can be found at the back of your Claseco Loyalty card and you’ll receive offers from eco-businesses in your local area.

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